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A word of the master

"We advocate purity in our wines"

- Nikos Karatzas

Oenops Wines

Oenops (Οἴνωψ) in Homeric epics refers to “the colour of wine”.

Oenops Wines is the revolutionary project of expert oenologist Nikos Karatzas founded in late 2015 in the region of Drama. After a long experience working on some of the region’s top wineries and while in search of innovation and perfection, Nikos dared to differentiate and launch an excessively ambitious project :

Our main goal is to produce authentic dry wines of the highest quality with minimal intervention.”

This is why he is looking for old vineyards planted with indigenous varieties and exceptional terroirs all over Greece and, more importantly, passionate grape-growers to establish lasting collaborations.

Environmentally friendly techniques are applied in both vineyards and cellar.

Producer in detail

120.000 bottles/year