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Vinsanto 2018


A real treasure, an ambrosia sent from gods, that excites the senses with its taste, its legend, and the singularity of its birthplace, the inimitable Santorini.

Vinsanto (Vino di Santorini) has been renowned since the 12th century and it is considered as one of the top dessert wines worldwide. Made from late-harvest, sun-dried white grapes, this traditional, naturally sweet wine is aged for at least two years in oak, though usually much longer. Vinsanto is registered with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and must be made from at least 51% Assyrtiko grapes. 

Andromachi’s Tasting Notes

This wine displays an amber-brown colour with orange hues. The nose shows complex, exuberant aromas of dried fruits, butter, vanilla, honey, caramel, coffee, nuts and spices. On the palate sweetness is kept in balance by naturally high acidity. Full-bodied, luscious, leading towards a lingering, never-ending, aftertaste. A pleasant tannic finish contributes to the overall balance of this wine.

Wine Details

Style: Natural Sweet, White, Volcanic

Grapes: Assyrtiko , Aidáni , Athiri

Soil: volcanic

Appelation: Protected Designation of Origin “Vinsanto” (PDO)

Drinking Window: Infinite ageing potential

Alcohol: 10%

Unit volume: 50cl

Bottle closure: Cork

Box of: 4

Technical sheet: download

Viticulture: Eco-oriented

Vinification: Crafted from 75% Assyrtiko blended with small amounts of Aidani and Athiri. After harvest, grapes dry in the sun for about 11 days. Dried grapes are then gently and slowly pressed in a vertical pressing basket then fermented on their own yeasts in open top, stainless steel tanks. The wine matures for 4.5 years in 225-liter French oak barrels.

Service temperature: Best served at 9°C.

Pairings: Creamy, spicy, aged cheeses (blue cheese, comte, camembert), chocolate, desserts based on caramel, fig, dried nuts, coffee or quinces, premium cigar.

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