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PetNat 2023


A thirst-quenching wine for the terrace. The term PetNat (short for Petillant Naturel) is used for wines that are made with the ancestral method, the oldest and simplest way to create a sparkling wine. The Vassaltis PetNat is a tasty, refreshing sparkling wine suitable for everyday pleasure.

Andromachi’s Tasting Notes

This PetNat offers a fruity, gastronomic and fresh frame. Aromas of flowers, lemon, peach, melon... The mouth is rich, structured, mineral and delicious! The effervescence is creamy, the bubble fine and elegant.

Wine Details

Style: Dry, Sparkling

Grapes: Savatiano

Blend of white Santorini grapes

Soil: diverse range

Drinking Window: 2024-2027

Alcohol: 12%

Unit volume: 75cl

Bottle closure: screw cap

Box of: 6

Technical sheet: download

Viticulture: Eco-oriented

Vinification: Step 1 - Bottle before the end of fermentation, Step 2 - Trap the CO2 to create natural sparkles, Step 3 - Remove sediment and top up with Santorini still wine, Step 4 - Avoid filtering to preserve more flavours.

Service temperature: 10-11°C

Pairings: For upscale breakfasts or throughout a meal.

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