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A word of the master

"Our wines are never shy on acidity and can be described as electric."

Domaine Oinea

Domaine Oinea* is the newest winery in the Amyndeo region, known for producing world-class sparkling wines.

“We work according to biodynamic principles to let the terroir express itself in your glass. The very poor soils bring out the typical characteristics of our grape, Xinomavro, which is the backbone of most of our wines. Natural yeasts, selected and cultivated at the Domaine de Fleury, lying in the Champagne region, are used in the production of our sparkling wines. High acidity, low pH and depth of body and aromas are the three characteristics that underline the uniqueness of all of our wines”.

*According to legend, the vine was a gift from the god Dionysus to King Oinea (Oeneus) who had agreed to lend him his wife. Oeneus is also the origin of the word œnos (wine) and oenology.

Producer in detail

20.000 bottles/year