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A word of the master

"Our winemaking philosophy focuses on minimalism. The best part about being a winemaker is seeing what your time and energy has gone towards, and to get to see the grapes through the whole process and, of course, to get to indulge in the fruits of your labor at the end of the journey. "

- Marilena Panagopoulou - Chemical Engineer NTUA - MSc Oenologist

Ktima Panagopoulos

On the plateau of Mantinia, just a few miles away from the walls of the ancient city of Mantinia, stands the family winery of Ktima Panagopoulos surrounded by 3 hectares of proprietary vineyards.

The family has engaged in viniculture for more than 20 years and produces wines that come exclusively from their vineyards.
Marilena Panagopoulos together with her brother Dimitris took their first steps in the vineyards. Since year 2017, the new generation endeavours to nurture the vines, always aspiring to convey the character of the terroir and conserve the environment for future generations.
At an altitude of 630 meters with loamy soils this place is ideal for revealing the rich distinctive aromas of the king grape of Mantinia, Moschofilero.

Producer in detail

10.000 bottles/year