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The flat plain of Mesogia (or Mesogeia, meaning “midlands”) is one of most important vineyards of Attica as it is said to be where Dionysus, the God of Wine, introduced wine to ancient Greeks.

Thanks to the ideal climatic conditions, the inhabitants have always had as their main means of subsistence the vineyard and the production of wine. In addition, being just forty minutes from the center of Athens, Mesogia wine has traditionally been favoured by Athenians for ceremonies and celebrations. Nowadays the area is threatened by the urbanisation and fragmentation of its vineyards.

Mesogia is one of the most arid regions of Greece characterised by its proximity to the sea. The Savatiano grape covers more than 90% of plantations thanks to its great resistance to drought.

Another hallmark of the region is Retsina, the only resinated wine in the world, discovered at least 2000 years ago thanks to the need of exporting / transporting wines. The practice of plugging the necks and brushing the inside of the amphorae with Aleppo pine resin gave rise to a new wine style, the “retsina”. Since 1979, the European Union has accredited Retsina a designation of origin (PDO) and traditional appellation for Greece. “ He who says Attica, says Retsina! ”

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