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Nemea lies at the northeast of Peloponnese and is home to the largest and most famous red wine producing area in Greece. It is also the cradle of the indigenous red grape variety Agiorgitiko, a word that originates from the old Nemean village of Agios Georgios (Saint George).

A wide range of styles are made from this red grape variety, from rich, age-worthy dry red wines to lighter or even sweeter examples. Agiorgitiko grape produces a dark ruby colour wine that the locals call “the blood of Hercules” in reference to the first of the twelve labours of Hercules, the famous battle against the lion of Nemea.

In ancient times, the Nemean city of Flioundas was accredited a protected designation of origin for its wine Fliasios oenos, also known as the “royal wine”. Additionally, this wine was very popular due to its widespread consumption during the Nemean Games.

Today, this PDO still exists under the name of “Nemea”. It is also the only PDO in Greece to extend between two prefectures, the prefecture of Corinth and the prefecture of Argolis.

Nemea PDO encompasses 2,500ha and has a large variation in wine styles due to its size, difference in altitudes, soils and vineyard aspects.

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